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      GROWING PAINS! – It Happens!

      At we have seen huge growth over the last couple years, which is great!

      In fact, we purchased and had to move to a larger facility last Summer to handle the growth.

      But, things happen…

      We had to store some of BlueTex™ rolls outside under tarps while we were getting the buildings ready. Then, we had crazy storms come through Texas that basically ripped the tarps and dumped about 4” of rain on the rolls and they got pretty wet.

      No problem, we dried them out and they are ALMOST as good as new. But, we can’t sell them as top quality, so we are offering DEEP DISCOUNTS to clear them out.

      What’s wrong with them?? The white sides are fine.  ONLY the foil sides are affected in very limited areas.


      All clearance items are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged. Prices are good while supplies last.  

      BlueTex™ PRO 2mm 62” Wide The foil side has some staining in streaks (see pictures) every few feet, which was the “bottom” side of the roll. Specifically, the foil side of the product is stained/streaked in the first 20-50' of most of the rolls. Note: the foam core is closed cell foam, so the water was only on the surfaces of the roll, it was never absorbed into the foam. 

      BlueTex™ SUPREME 6mm 62” Wide On this product both the foil side and the white side are fine. Only the double-sided tape on the foil side did not like the water.  It has sections where it’s no longer “sticky.” Some parts are fine others not sticky at all. This should not be a big deal since the tape is primarily to aid in installation and not seal the seams. You can purchase more double-sided tape here if needed.

      BlueTex™ SUPREME 6mm 50” Wide These got it the worst. They have both staining on the foil side AND some of the double-sided tape sections are not sticky.  Once again, the white (visible) side is perfect. (see pictures)