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      If you're insulating a metal building, warehouse, or shop, you're in the right place! 

      Metal buildings can be a real challenge to keep comfortable but we offer 3 levels of protection for your building, no matter your budget! Finding a good and efficient way to install a radiant barrier foil can add cost and labor to the project, but once you just get it done, you will immediately feel the difference in comfort. 

      Let's start by finding out which of our products is right for your application.

      Choose the Right Product

      We have 3 different options when it comes to insulating your metal building:

      • Radiant Barrier Foil - this product comes in 48" wide or 60" wide rolls and is available in double-sided foil or foil + white side. For more info on this product and what's it is best used for, click here.
      • BlueTex™ Pro is a 2mm foil-foam insulation. One side is a glossy white PE and the other side has radiant barrier foil. To learn more about this product and what it's used for, visit this page.
      • BlueTex™ Supreme is a 6mm foil-foam insulation. This product is similar to our BlueTex™ Pro but it's thicker and provides maximum moisture control for your building! It's also available in foil/foil or foil/white. To see BlueTex™ Premium, go to the product page.

      To request a sample packet of our products, fill out our sample request form