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      We are the number one manufacturer and distributor choice for metal building vapor barrier/radiant barrier insulation products.

      If you are using a Bubble Foil product that deteriorates after a couple years, you need to be installing BlueTex™ insulation. We want to supply you with our top-of-the-line vapor barrier/radiant barrier metal building insulation. We have thousands of rolls IN STOCK and ready to ship today!

      As the manufacturer and direct distributor of BlueTex™ insulation, we guarantee our product is the absolute BEST metal building vapor barrier insulation product you will find. Test for yourself by getting a FREE sample kit here.

      Contractor Discounts

      We have exclusive pricing for metal building brokers, contractors, and installers, across 3 tiers, depending on the volume of your order. 

      • Ground/FedEx size orders: these are smaller orders, usually less than 6 rolls, and for those we offer a per-roll discount to all qualified contractors/installers.  
      • LTL for pallet-sized orders: these orders range between 10-20 rolls, and we offer deeper discounts than the smaller orders. Discounts will vary by destination location and delivery address.
      • Truckload sized orders: wholesale pricing is available for installers purchasing a full truckload of insulation. Truckload volume starts at 100 rolls.
      • Pick Up/Local Delivery Discount: If you are in the North Texas / DFW area, we offer additional discounts for picking up your order or using lower-cost local delivery.

      Roll Size Options

      We make BlueTex™ vapor barrier insulation in 50" wide rolls and 62" wide rolls.

      • For basic moisture control in warmer climates, we recommend the 2mm Pro series.
      • For maximum moisture control in colder climates (or warmer climates that want the best moisture vapor barrier available) we recommend the 6mm Supreme series.
      • We also supply our 3" seam tape (available in White and Foil) and metal fastener sets (screws/washers) in bulk too! Ask about pricing when you place your order.

       Large-Scale Project Developments

      If you're working on a large project and would like to consult with us on the best way to insulate the building(s), please contact us directly so we can discuss your project. We are metal building insulation experts and we are happy to show you how BlueTex™ insulation vapor/radiant barriers can help you make your building more comfortable and energy efficient.