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      If you are insulating a metal building, pole barn, airplane hangar, storage facility, garage or workshop you are in the right place.


      We are here to SERVE YOU! Usually customers are looking for a PRODUCT to fix their problem and yes, getting the right product is important, but having the right PROCESS is what makes the right product work. We are building science experts so we care about getting it right; we are not just here to sell products.

      The first thing we ask every customer when they need help deciding on a product/process is “What’s your goal?” and “How are you using the building?"

      • Are you in a hot area and basically just want the “shade effect" in the summer?
      • Do you want to keep the building from condensing or “sweating” on the interior?
      • Do you plan on heating/cooling the building, and if so how often? Is it going to be never (non-conditioned) or occasionally (semi-conditioned)  be heated/cooled? Or, are you building a space that will be fully conditioned like a barndominium?

      This page fully describes the differences between non-conditioned, semi-conditioned and fully conditioned buildings.

      Choose the Right Product to Insulate Your Metal Building

      We have 3 different options when it comes to insulating your metal building: 

       Radiant Barrier Foil (no foam core) product comes in 48" wide or 60" wide rolls and is available in double-sided foil or foil + white side. Think of these products as a HEAT SHIELD or “instant shade” and offer a HUGE comfort improvement on hot-sunny days. They're just meant to reflect radiant heat away and offer no vapor barrier. These products are usually used in warmer areas where it’s not a big deal if occasionally you get some condensation inside the building. (It will usually dry out in the day when the sun comes out). And for ATTIC applications ABOVE a fully conditioned work/living spaces like many farm shops or residences. See our website for more info on these type of applications.

       BlueTex™ Pro is a 2mm foil-foam insulation intended for non-conditioned and semi-conditioned buildings in ALL climates but tends to be used the most in warmer areas with minimal heating requirements. The foil side reflects 97% of radiant heat (instant shade); it will help control interior condensation in all areas and it will help keep hot/cold air inside the building if you are heating or cooling on an OCCASIONAL basis,  to take the edge off and make the building more comfortable. This is typically best for applications with less than about 5-8 hours per week using heating/cooling. To learn more about this product, including pricing and technical specs, see BlueTex™ 2mm Pro Metal Building Insulation.


        BlueTex™ Supreme is a 6mm foil-foam insulation intended for non-conditioned and semi-conditioned buildings in warm and cold climates. This product is similar to our BlueTex™ Pro but it's 3x thicker and provides maximum moisture control for buildings in REALLY cold areas. This product is best if you are heating or cooling on a pretty regular basis, to take the edge off. For buildings typically heating/cooling 2-4 hours per day or 8-10+ hours per week, the thicker XPE foam material will enable the building to heat up or cool down faster than without it. Pricing and product specifications can be found on the BlueTex™ 6mm Supreme product page.


      Can I combine the 2mm and the 6mm in the same building?

      YES. You can COMBINE the Supreme 6mm on the roof and the PRO 2mm on the walls to provide great condensation control in colder climates at a lower cost, with minimal effect on heating costs and comfort.

      Can I install BlueTex™ insulation on the roof portion only?

      Some customers choose to install BlueTex™ just on the ROOF ONLY and this is fine, if your main goal is to control condensation (most condensation forms on the roof and not the walls). Installing on the roofline will make a big impact on reducing summer heat gain “Instant Shade". This method is best when you are rarely or never heating/cooling the building.

        What is the difference between the Pro 2mm and the Supreme 6mm? Which do I need?

        Both the BlueTex™ Pro 2mm insulation and the BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm insulation have a foil side (to block 97% of radiant heat) so they reflect heat equally and the “shade effect” for both are basically the same. They both have the same glossy white side (for a nice interior finish) and both products are air and vapor barriers, available in 50" and 62" widths. So how are these two products different? It mostly comes down to how you're using the building.


        The Pro 2mm is best used for non-conditoned and semi-conditioned buildings in all areas, but mostly warm climates that may use heat/cooling for a few hours a week. This means you may run your heat or cooling source around 8 hours a week or less. If this describes your building, choose the BlueTex™ Pro 2mm.

        We actually sell two to three times as much of the BlueTex™ Pro 2mm material than we do of the BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm. Why is that? Obviously the price difference is one factor, but more commonly it's because for most customers, the BlueTex™ Pro 2mm fits their needs MOST of the time. Remember, the buildings that benefit the most from the Pro 2mm are usually garages, workshops, airplane hangars, barns, etc. where work is getting done and very little supplemental heating/cooling is happening. 

        If you plan to use heat/cooling in your building for a few hours each day, or more than 8-10 hours each week, but not continually (i.e. 24/7), the BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm is the right product for your building. 

        Think of your building like a refrigerator or a hot box: a thicker fridge uses less energy but needs more insulation, while a thinner fridge uses less insulation up front, so it will take more energy to stay cool or heat up later. Your building is similar in that the better you insulate it now, the less energy it will take to cool it down or heat up when you need to. So, there is tradeoff between how fast you can heat/cool the building and the additional cost of using the thicker Supreme 6mm Product. 

        Therefore, we really only recommend the BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm if you are heating or cooling on a VERY consistent basis (10+ hours each week). Or, if you are in a very cold area and reducing condensation is your primary concern. Moisture control in metal buildings is a hot topic and when installed properly, BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm is the best vapor barrier option to minimize/eliminate condensation in your metal building

        What if I plan to heat and cool my building consistently, like 24/7, so it's more like a livable space? 

        Going fully conditioned with your metal building means you are heating/cooling the space 24/7 to maintain a constant temp at all times. Common applications for this install method include container living conversions, barndominiums/shouses, recreational/game rooms, and office spaces. If this is your plan for your building, then you need to combine the power of a radiant barrier with some r-value, using the amount recommended for your area. More info on this type of install can be found here: Insulating Conditioned Buildings

        Installing BlueTex™ Insulation with a radiant barrier and vapor barrier in your metal building is a game changer!! You will immediately feel the difference in comfort and condensation control. To request a sample packet of our products, fill out our sample request form