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      For this application, the basic goal is to create an “envelope” inside the frame, made from BlueTex™ insulation that is either stapled or screwed to the inside of the framing. The objective is to create an interior air barrier, vapor barrier and thermal barrier with the foil side facing the exterior of the building and utilizing the gap created by the framing as the required airspace the foil side needs in order to reflect radiant heat before it enters the interior of the building.


      Because not all buildings are identical, you may have to get creative with your installation when you have an existing building you're trying to retrofit for BlueTex™ insulation. If you have a specific question about how to install BlueTex™ in your building and don't feel like we give you enough information in these directions, please email us pictures and/or drawings and we will be glad to help you or you can call 800-595-8772.


      STEP 1

      START AT THE BOTTOM: Use the floor of the building and the bottom part of the framing as your guide to start the first run. Install BlueTex™ so that the foil side is facing out of the building (away from you) with the tape tabs up and facing the OUTSIDE of the building. 


       Use either ½” staples or roofing cap nails to attach BlueTex™ to the inside of the wood framing. You can easily cover the staples or cap nails with our matching tape to make them disappear so don't worry too much about how they look.  

      Continue with this around the entire perimeter of the building until you're done with the first run. Let the tape tabs fold back into the inside of the building for now so they're easier to grab later. 


      *DO NOT PEEL OFF THE PAPER TAB YET* This will be done AFTER you install the next run above it. 





      STEP 2

      FINISH WALLS: Move up to the second run. Start by positioning the bottom of the second piece so that it is butted up against the top edge of the bottom piece.

      Before you staple the insulation into the rafters studs, pull it tight across the wall to make sure the seam between pieces is tight and level. Once it's straight, staple it along the bottom of the piece of insulation, just above the seam to secure it all in place. Then secure it a couple ( 2 to 3) places across the 4 foot width, all the way up each stud. 







      At this point (or later at the end of the install) you can fold up the tape tabs and lay them on top of the above piece, pressing down to secure the hold. If needed, we can provide extra tape to help you make the seam look finished and extra clean. 



      After you finish the second run, REPEAT with the next run of foil and continue following steps 1 and 2 until you reach the top of your wall.




      STEP 3

      THE ROOFLINE: Keep running the insulation up the wall and stop continue onto the bottom of the roofline. Staple securely along the way, remembering to keep it as tight as possible for the best finished look. 

      Roof Ridge: Overlap the insulation 6” on the ridge of the roof and use tape to secure it. 




      STEP 4

      FINISH UP:

      Finish closing/taping all the seams on the walls and roofline. Use extra tape to “clean up” any exposed seams or loose pieces from cutting. Tape is also a good way to cover up any cap nails or other fastener heads.




      STEP 5*

      *This step is optional

      INTERIOR FINISH: You can leave the interior layer of BlueTex™ exposed (regardless of if you're using the foil finish or the white finish) and the install will be done. If you want a completely finished look however, you can cover the BlueTex™ with just about anything for an interior finish! Depending on your application and what you use the building for, the most common interior finishes are OSB, plywood or drywall to secure shelving, signage, racks, etc.


      If you have any questions about this install process, feel free to contact us!