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      At least 50% of the calls we get each day involve helping a customer calculate how much BlueTex™ their building will require.

      This page will cover how you can estimate what you will need with a few measurements.

      Calculate Yourself

      Example: A building that's 45' x 30' x 12' with a 3:12 pitch.

      L: 45'

      W: 30'

      H: 12'

      For the walls you will calculate 2 measurements and ADD them together (for a total of 4 walls):

      45' x 12' x 2 = 1,080 sq ft

      30' x 12' x 2 = 720 sq ft

      1,080 + 720 = 1,800 sq ft of WALL SPACE

      *If you have any large roll up garage doors that you want to remove from the calculation, now is the time. Multiply the L x W of the doors (ex. 8 x 10 = 80 sq ft) and subtract that square footage from your wall space total. In this example, the customer will cover their roll up garage doors with the BlueTex™ insulation, so we will keep the garage doors in the total.  

      For the roofline, most roofs slope so we can't just go off the flat square footage of L x W. We need to account for the gradual rise to the peak on each side. You can use the pitch factor guide here to get an rough estimate of what to multiply by. To calculate this roof we will do the following:

      45' x 30' = 1,350 sq ft x 1.1 (3:12 pitch) = 1,485 sq ft to cover this roofline

      Now ADD UP your walls and the roofline: 1,800 sq ft + 1,485 sq ft =

      3,285 sq ft total of BlueTex™ insulation needed for this building

      This number doesn't take in to consideration overage or waste (we recommend planning for 6% - 10% extra for those) but this is a pretty close number for ordering purposes. 

      Professional Calculations

      If you're wanting more specific numbers or special considerations, or you just don't want to do the math!, please call or email us and we can use our proprietary measuring tool to get you a pretty accurate number with minimal waste.

      We can calculate your total in less than a minute and include considerations for overage, waste, lean-to partitions, quonset style buildings, etc. Contact us by email here or give us a call at 1-800-595-8772.