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      If your metal building insulation is old, torn, stained or falling down on the roofline, we have a solution. We developed the EasyClip™ System and The Roof Cover System to contain the old insulation and create a new interior finish. This page will cover how to install The Roof Cover System.

       If you're curious to compare the EasyClip™ System and the Roof Cover System, we list the pros and cons of each here.

      The Roof Cover system is is installed INSIDE the purlins (against old insulation) to make a new super durable, bright and clean vapor barrier.

      This is perfect for doing isolated damaged areas, or the whole roof. Many customers are DIY, so this method is easy to start and stop as needed. This method involves installing the BlueTex™ insulation (we recommend the Pro 2mm product) perpendicular to the purlins and we recommend the 50” wide roll. In our experience, it’s much easier to handle/hold (compared to the 62” wide) while working. Because of that, the 50" wide roll reduces arm/shoulder fatigue during the install process.

      We recommend you choose a small test area to determine which install method you prefer to use before getting started. Measure the distance between the purlins, add some extra for the bulge in the existing insulation, and add 3-4 more inches for the attachment tabs. This will usually come out to about 66”-68” on purlins that are 60” apart.

      Choose How to Install: 3 Methods

      Take a look and decide which method is best for your application. One method is “cleaner” and the other is “easier.” So, your install method may depend on the finished look you are trying to achieve.

      Wood Strip Method – BEST overall and cleanest finished look. Use wood strips inside both purlins (painting the wood to match is optional). 

      Hybrid Method – Attach to flange side of the purlin with some screws/washers and the inside of purlin with a wood strip. 

      Screws/Washers Method – Use only screws and washers to attach to purlins (no wood strips).

      How to Install with Wood Strips

      It is important before you start any installation to plan ahead. Once the correct length of the pieces is determined (be sure to test a couple), precut all the pieces as needed. 

      1. Pre-paint (optional - since just two sides will be visible) the wood 1x2's and cut them to 47” lengths. This will fit perfect with a 3” overlap on the seams.
      2. Pre-drill 3 x 1/8th  holes in each piece in the center of the wood, and about 3 inches from each end. 
      3. Use 1 ¼” #8 hex head screws to attach the wood to the metal.  For easiest installation, pre-mount by pushing the screws halfway into the wood. This will enable you to press the wood strips against the BlueTex™ and easily attach the wood without handling the screws. Once you get a system established, you can quickly and easily make many wood strips and have them ready before you start.

      4. Take the precut BlueTex™ pieces, wood strips with screws already inserted, and your BlueTex White 3” Seam Tap (make link) up on a work lift.
      5. Hold the BlueTex™ piece straight between the purlins with about a 3-4” tab folded down on one purlin. While holding the BlueTex™ insulation straight, press your wood strip with screws against the inside of the purlin to hold the BlueTex™ tight. Leave a 3" gap from the end of BlueTex™ (this will be the overlap) and screw in the center screw to the purlin. Adjust the BlueTex™ (if needed to keep it straight) and attach the outer screws on the wood strip.  

      6. Turn around and pick up the BlueTex™ and hold it against the opposite inside purlin. Use the wood strip to press the BlueTex™ firmly against the purlin keeping it tight.
      7. Again, screw in center screw, then the outer screws, leaving a 3” gap from the edge for overlap of next BlueTex™ piece.
      8. Now overlap your next piece with the first piece by 3”. If it's helpful, use some double-sided tape to secure the piece on the foil side. 

      9. Repeat the steps above, attaching all the pieces to the inside of both purlins. 

      10. Once the pieces are all attached, go back through and seal the seams with BlueTex™ 3” white seam tape.
      11. Optional: you may trim off excess insulation peeking out below the wood strip for a cleaner looking finish.

      How to Install with Wood Strips and Screws (Hybrid Method)

      For the hybrid method, you will attach to the bottom of the purlin flanges with screws and washers.

      1. Find the pockets (also called ribs) in the metal so the screw does not go through the roof panel.
      2. Then pull the BlueTex™ insulation snug and use the wood strip method (above) to attach the BlueTex™ to the inside of the other purlin.

      How to Install with Screws and Washers Only

      For this method you will use screws/washers on the inside of both purlins.

      1. Follow the wood strips install instructions above.

      2. Start by attaching the BlueTex™ piece to the bottom flange on one side, then pull the BlueTex™ across and fold a tab down while attaching the insulation to inside of the purlin with screws/washers.
      3. This method may be the easiest, but it will be harder to make the pieces of BlueTex™ tight and smooth, especially compared to the other two methods.

      Now that you know how to do the Roof Cover System on your roofline, you might want to check out these other pages:

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