The Complete Guide to Moisture Management in Metal Buildings is here! Read more about what causes moisture and how to stop it.
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      People ask us what the difference between BlueTex™ insulation and bubble foil products is and the main difference is what its made from. We use pure aluminum on all of our products, so you don't have to worry about performance or lasting-power.

      We’ve been in business since 2006 when Ed started Even from the very beginning we had questions about metal building projects and we just could not ever recommend a foil and foam (or bubble) product because they just aren’t durable enough.

      This is one of the biggest reasons we developed BlueTex™ insulation. We have made it super durable and installers tell us all the time how much they love this product because no matter how hard you pull, you can’t tear it!

      You can throw a baseball against it without damage and you can even power-wash it if it gets dirty. Also most bubble foil products use what’s called MPET or metaled film also known as “Mylar” basically it’s a potato chip bag. MPET is made by applying a VAPOR layer of aluminum to a clear sheet of plastic. Basically, bubble foil products are 100% plastic and will degrade over time due to the intense heat coming off the metal on a building. All BlueTex products use a PURE ALUMINUM LAYER that is 200 times thicker than the vapor applied aluminum on metalized film products. This layer ensures a durable product that will not degrade from heat from the metal building.


      Below are some photos of buildings that have/had bubble foil insulation. As you can see, the product becomes brittle and flakes off after time. The problem with bubble foil products is that they are 99.999% plastic. Watch this video of a guy who documented his bubble foil failing.

      *Click on an image to enlarge it.*  

      DID YOU KNOW? The aluminum in bubble foil products is actually “vapor applied” so it’s 1/200th the thickness of the pure aluminum sheet we use in our products. With bubble foil, in time it will break down and fall apart and fail. Our product will not break down and it’s also so strong you can throw a baseball at it and it won’t even leave a mark.

      Don't waste your time with these inferior options, BlueTex™ insulation is the superior choice for metal building insulation.