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      Our vapor barrier tapes are top quality tapes that have been tested over and over again to ensure you always get a superior tape from a brand you can trust. Look for our logo inside every roll to ensure you are getting the original BlueTex™ tape and not a cheap counterfeit roll. 

      BlueTex™ tapes are designed and used for joining seams, sealing edges of insulation, stucco applications, repairing large holes/tears, masking for paint applications and many other uses when you need a durable tape that is flexible and can easily be removed without leaving a sticky residue. 

      If you're interested in buying tape in larger quantities than shown on our site, please contact us to get a custom quote for pallet size tape orders.

      Browse our tapes below and choose the right one for your application. 

      3" White SEAM Tape 4" White STUCCO/Multi-Use Tape 6" White REPAIR Tape