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      Are you building a new fully conditioned building? A home, barndominium, warehouse, pole barn etc. that will be constantly heated/cooled?

      Do you want to create the ultimate structure that is like a “refrigerator in the shade” and combining a radiant barrier with the efficiency of spray foam or another type insulation?

      If so, we are looking for several case study buildings that have not been built yet, to demonstrate a new product/process that will change the way buildings are insulated. In exchange for your participation and documentation of the process (pictures/video), we are willing to provide discounts/rebates on the materials needed for part of the installation.

      Please contact us if you're interested in seeing if this would be a good fit for your project.

      To be considered, be sure to include basic info about your building including where it is/will be located(city and state or zip code), the type of construction (tubular steel, red iron, wood-frame, etc.), the type of roof, how this building will be used, the dimensions (LxWxH) and what type of spray foam (open or closed cell) you plan to use. We also need to know the timeline of this project (next 60 days, next 6 months, next year, etc.).  Please include any photos or renderings if applicable and mention that you are interested in participating in our case study.  Ed Fritz, the owner of BlueTex™ Insulation, will be contacting prospects directly to discuss a potential partnership for the case studies.