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      Case Studies — garage

      Case Study: Man Cave Garage Conversion

      Case Study: Man Cave Garage Conversion

      Each case study offers unique conditions that make it especially interesting to discuss. In the case study we first identify the problem and the expected outcome. Then, after the BlueTex™ is installed, we determine the ways it improved the problem and, in some cases, even some unexpected benefits that came from the installation.

      Background: A man cave hangout in North Carolina needed a way to keep the building comfortable year round and stop condensation from forming inside after the building had been in use. The customer is a veteran and he uses this space for hobby and recreation, so keeping the inside nice and clean and free of moisture was important. 

      Type of Structure: metal-framed metal building

      Location: North Carolina

      Install Date: July 2022

      Goal: Cool down the space in summer and help keep the cold air in when portable A/C was in use; stop condensation from forming in winter when the metal got cold and people were inside hanging out.

      Product used: BlueTex™ 2mm Pro 62" Wide  

      Install Details:  The BlueTex™ was installed vertically (up and down) the framing inside the metal building. The customer also used BlueTex™ inside his roll up garage door. He used our double-sided tape and trimmed off the excess. 

      Finish: The foil side faces the exterior metal to block radiant heat gain during summer, and the glossy white side faces in to the shop for a finished and brighter look inside the building. BlueTex™ is easy to wipe clean and can even be painted! Plus, the 2mm Pro created a new interior surface that can stay above dew point to control condensation on those cold nights. 

      Results: This customer was able to keep his space comfortable as needed, when needed by using BlueTex™ inside the building.