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      Case Studies — insulation repair

      Case Study: Indoor Volleyball Court

      Case Study: Indoor Volleyball Court

      Each case study offers unique conditions that make it especially interesting to discuss. In the case study we first identify the problem and the expected outcome. Then, after BlueTex™ is installed, we determine the ways it solved the problem.

      Background: This customer owns an indoor volleyball gym that is used for training, practice, and games. Over time the ceiling insulation faded, cracked and fell apart. In this particular building, the ceiling takes a beating when the building is in use, so the customer was looking for a strong material that could withstand being hit but also something that looked nice and brightened up the roofline. This customer was not looking for any heat-blocking benefit from BlueTex™, so creating an air gap between the roof and the foil side was not a requirement for this special application. 

      Type of Structure: red iron PEMB

      Install Date: October 2022

      Goal: Repair roofline of old, falling down insulation

      Product Used: 6mm 50" Wide BlueTex™ Supreme

      Install Details: First, all of the old insulation was pulled down and the roof was bare. This isn't always necessary when you're covering old insulation with BlueTex™, but because of how he was attaching it, our customer needed the roofline bare. After some trial and error he found that the Gorilla® brand construction adhesive worked best to adhere the thicker 6mm to the metal roof. He added lines of adhesive so that each piece of BlueTex™ would be glued in about 3 places (either end of the panel and in the middle). Then he installed 50" panels of BlueTex™ directly to the metal underside of the roof, in between the purlins, pressing for about 30-60 seconds to form the bond between the adhesive and the BlueTex™. Again, he was not looking for the radiant barrier benefit from our product, so the air gap between the metal and the foil was not needed.  The seams were taped with 3" wide vapor barrier foil seam tape.

      Finish: The white side was facing down, toward the inside of the volleyball training facility. The bright white finish made the space look new again and he chose to leave it uncovered and unpainted. Remember, you can cover or paint BlueTex™ if you're looking for a different interior aesthetic. 

      Results: The customer said even though it required some extra steps over a conventional installation, he was very pleased with how easy BlueTex™ was to work with and how strong, sturdy, and tear-proof it is. He also really likes the look of the white side of the BlueTex™ insulation inside and said it brightened up the space more than he imagined. The BlueTex™ continues to hold up well while the gym is in daily use!