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      Installations — garage

      Commercial Roll Up Garage Door Installation

      How to insulate your roll up doors

      The simplest and fastest way to cool the garage area in your metal building is to add radiant barrier to the metal roll up garage door using the BlueTex™ Roll Up Garage Door Kits
      If your roll up door is catching direct sunlight, then you definitely should add a metal building insulation radiant barrier to the door and/or any other walls that are catching direct sunlight from the exterior. It will act almost as though the door is in the shade, or like it’s a cloudy day.

      "I installed the BlueTex™ on my south-facing metal roll up door inside my metal building. During installation I could tell a huge difference in heat coming off the door behind the part finished with BlueTex™ versus the uncompleted part. It made a noticeable difference." - BlueTex™ Insulation Customer

      For your convenience and easy installation, we have 2 pre-made kit sizes: A Single Roll Up Garage Door Insulation Kit (covers up to a 12' x 12' size door) or a Double Roll Up Garage Door Insulation Kit (covers two 10' x 10' doors or a single larger door up to 200 sq ft). 

      If you have a door larger than 200 sq ft or if you have multiple metal roll up garage doors, these are the basic supplies needed to insulate them properly: 

      1. BlueTex™ Insulation: Pro 2mm 50" Wide, Pro 2mm 62" Wide, or the Foil Only product (available in 48" wide and 60" wide). *Note: the Supreme 6mm is too thick to fit on the door and will not work for a roll up garage door application.
      2. Double-Sided Tape (to stick the BlueTex™ to the door without piercing the door)
      3. Vapor Barrier 3" Wide Finishing Seam Tape (to seal the overlapping seams of insulation): White Color or Foil Color

      For roll up metal garage doors we recommend the BlueTex™ 50" Wide 2mm Pro product or the foil only radiant barrier. Both of these materials are thin enough to install and not interrupt the mechanism that rolls the door up. The BlueTex™ 6mm Supreme products will NOT WORK on a roll up style garage door - the 6mm is too thick and will interfere with the door being able to roll up.

      We recommend you use double-sided tape to permanently attach the insulation directly to the metal every 12"-18", but you can also try a spray adhesive if you prefer but the tape is tried and true.

      For most applications you can install the BlueTex™ insulation so that the white surface faces inside the garage/shop. This is because the valleys of the corrugations create a small air gaps between the foil surface and the door, so the foil is able to reflect back the heat on about 60% or more of the door area.

      Remember, the foil side of the product MUST face an air gap to work and reflect heat, so keep this in mind during your installation. If your doors don't have the corrugation pattern or your primary goal is to keep heat in, then face the foil surface inside, toward the inside of the garage/shop. The open garage space is the airspace, and the foil will still work of the reflectivity/emissivity quality.


      You can either run the BlueTex™ horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of your door; the direction you go won't change how the product works.  Using the 3" white seam tape will keep the insulation overlap smooth and create a clean, more polished interior look.

      The Roll Up Metal Garage Door Kit can also be used for panel style metal garage door, just trim to size and install with tapes. A more detailed install guide for paneled metal garage doors is coming soon.

      If you have questions about how to install BlueTex™ products on your roll up door, please contact us or order a free sample kit here.