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      Articles — vapor barrier

      How does BlueTex™ Insulation compare to Dripstop®?

      Comparing Moisture Control Insulation - Bluetex Insulation vs Dripstop

      Dripstop® is a condensation control membrane made from a nonwoven fabric that has an adhesive backing. It comes pre-applied directly to the bottom of metal roofing panels for easy installation. Therefore, it can ONLY be used on new construction.

      How does it work? First of all, it is NOT a vapor barrier. Dripstop® works like a sponge, so the metal will still get cold and wet. The DripStop® absorbs condensation (like a sponge) to keep it from dripping overnight, and then it dries out during day. It repeats this pattern over and over - absorbing and drying out. But, like a sponge, you have to have a method to dry it out.

      This is the main disadvantage to Dripstop®; you MUST have a well-ventilated building for it to dry out. Which is fine, except if you're in a cold climate and you want to keep your building warmer than the outside temperature - then what? If you're in a cold climate and have to fully ventilate the building, your building interior will be RIPPING COLD. Period. While that may be fine for applications like cold storage, most buildings don't want a super-cold interior when it's cold out. Spaces being used for garages, sheds, barns, workshops or airplane hangars, want SOMETHING to keep it warmer (or cooler) than the outside temperature. So, this wouldn't be a good fit for those applications.

      Another disadvantage of Dripstop® is that it offers no heat control (no radiant barrier is used in the product). Your building is still going to be HOT in the summer since it’s just a big bare metal box sitting in the sun.

      Let us be clear, we don't think Dripstop® is a bad product, but we do think you can do better and we'll explain how below.   

      BlueTex™ insulation has the advantage of being able to be used in any building - both new construction and existing buildings so anyone can use it at anytime.

      Furthermore, BlueTex™ insulation offers superior heat control in metal buildings compared to DripStop®, especially non-conditioned buildings. There's nothing better than a radiant barrier to take the edge off being inside a metal building in summer. Our pure aluminum layer will reflect 97% of the radiant heat coming off the roof and walls inside your building and redirect that heat back out. The end result is a cooler interior, even without A/C! The building will FEEL like it’s in the shade or it’s a cloudy day. If you're going to go through the process of installing insulation, why not use an insulation that has a radiant barrier too? You have nothing to lose by adding foil insulation to your building, and once you feel the difference, you'll agree. When it comes to condensation control, heat control plays a big part too, so a radiant barrier is a good option to include in your metal building insulation.

      Even if you only plan to heat or cool the building occasionally, as needed, to take the edge off, BlueTex™ for metal buildings is still PERFECT for these “semi-conditioned” buildings (buildings that are heated or cooled every now and then). Think of BlueTex™ as a light jacket or a sweatshirt. It’s all you need to keep the building workable when it’s really hot or cold.

      One more point about BlueTex™ being a better option than Dripstop® for condensation control. We tackle condensation from a different direction than Dripstop®. Rather than allow condensation to perpetuate daily and just catch and release it, BlueTex™ aims to actually stop the condensation process from happening at all. In our Guide to Moisture Management, we discuss how condensation forms in metal buildings (on metal surfaces) and how to use BlueTex™ insulation to stop condensation from forming on your metal surfaces. We want you to be confident that you can stop condensation from consistently raining inside your building with just a few supplies and a careful installation. 

      If you'd like more information on how BlueTex™ can help you stop heat gain, help you retain heat in winter, and be a solution to condensation problems in your building, contact us today.