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      Articles — vapor barrier tape

      Stucco Tape

      4 inch stucco tape

      Why are we talking about Stucco Tape on a metal building insulation website? Here’s a fun fact: BlueTex™ insulation seam tape AND stucco tape use the EXACT same type of tape!
      Honestly, we didn’t know it either! Stucco and metal building vapor barrier insulation are totally different worlds.
      Then one day, we got a call from a guy who wanted to buy a full case of our 6” wide vapor barrier tape. He had purchased some BlueTex™ insulation for his metal shed and a couple rolls of the BlueTex™ 3” seam tape. It happened that he is a stucco contractor and he ended up with some extra tape. He really liked how the tape worked, so he took the left over roll to test on a stucco job. Turns out, it actually performed BETTER than the “special" stucco tape he was buying at a higher price from his local supplier. He also recognized that our 6” tape is perfect for using only one piece to completely cover door and window frames.
      So, there you go. We are now accidentally in the stucco tape business and regularly have stucco contractors, painters, and other contractors buying our seam tape (we offer box/bulk discounts) for all types of applications. Who would have thought? Though truthfully, we aren’t too surprised because every product we sell is only the best quality. We sell direct and cut out the middle man, so we can sell a better quality product at a lower price.
      You might be wondering, What makes a good stucco tape? Something that we call the “slow bond” property. This is when you need the tape to stick well, but not TOO well at first. Our PE (polyethylene) film tape uses a synthetic rubber adhesive to stick to most smooth surfaces and it’s pressure sensitive with a high degree of conformity. This means you can easily pull, bend, wrap, press into cracks etc. without it tearing or excessively stretching; the tape is also moisture resistant so it can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications.
      You want a tape to stick good and tight, making a durable seal to your substrate. However you also need to be able to remove it later (30-45 days) without it tearing into little pieces after the stucco or paint is applied. Additionally, you do not want a sticky, gummy residue left behind on the windows and frames when the tape is removed. The makings of a good stucco tape have a LOT of requirements!
      Eventually, if the tape is left on long enough, the “slow bond” becomes incredibly difficult to remove. The reason for this is because there is an actual chemical change in the adhesive over time that makes it create a permanent seal. This is perfect for sealing metal building insulation, but if you're using our tape for stucco or painting applications, you do not want to let it go past 45 days if you will need to remove it later.
      If you're looking for vapor barrier seam tape, stucco tape, painting tape, etc... we have your tape!
      Our all-purpose tape is currently available in 3”, 4” and 6” wide rolls. 2” rolls coming soon.