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      Case Studies — case study

      Case Study: Detached Garage

      Case Study: Detached Garage

      Each case study offers unique conditions that make it especially interesting to discuss. In the case study we first identify the problem and the expected outcome. Then, after the radiant barrier foil is installed, we determine the ways it improved the problem and, in some cases, even some unexpected benefits that came from the installation.

      Background: This customer has a 960 sq ft detached garage that is steel framed and conventionally finished. The customer decided to use BlueTex™ products to help temper the heat load of this conditioned structure in the summer.

      Type of Structure: steel-framed metal building with a few wood trusses/studs

      Install Date: August 2014

      Goal: Keep garage cooler in summer

      Product Used: Double-Sided Radiant Barrier Foil

      Install Details: The foil was stapled directly to the OSB sheathing in between the framing (since the cavities would not have any insulation, the foil would use emissivity to block 97% of the radiant heat transfer). The customer used house wrap tape to add the foil to the metal framing where applicable.

      Finish: The customer finished the space with traditional sheet rock and can lighting to create a cleaner look overall.

      Results: The effect was felt immediately (during the installation). The garage is now within a few degrees of ambient temp on a hot day.



      Case Study: Bat Habitat

      Case Study: Bat Habitat
      This customer builds habitats for bats, and so far they have provided enough housing to shelter around five hundred thousand bats and counting. They built a new shop and were looking to keep the temps moderate enough for the bats to stay comfortable. Stopping heat gain in summer (or just on sunny days) was the main goal.

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